Harlequin 5pc Brush Collection Ombre

Harlequin 5pc Brush Collection Ombre

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What it is:
A whimsy five-piece harlequin pattern brush set with three face and two eye brushes.

What it does:
Soft, synthetic brush heads allow for easy makeup application. Use your Harlequin collection to make yourself look and feel beautiful no matter the occasion.

Collection includes:
Medium Powder Brush- Perfect for light application of powder products such as foundation, blush, and translucent powder.
Domed Buffer Brush- Use circular motions to buff on your favorite face products to achieve any coverage you desire.
Fan Brush- Dust away excess product or use to apply highlighter.
Blending Brush- Apply and diffuse shadows to eliminate harsh edges.
Liner Brush- Multifunctional and perfect for applying any cream products including cream shadows, gels concealers and liners.

Lavish Brushes are always 100% synthetic, vegan and cruelty